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is devoted to locating clients, strategic partners, distributors and/or investments for Hi-tech companies.

Who would benefit from Elyon ?  

A high tech company with a working product, interested in marketing   assistance, strategic partners or an investment.
An investor considering to invest in a unique hi-tech company.
A hi tech company with existing clients, in search of new services  and/or products to sell (expand your product portfolio).

 What we will do for you... 

We will assist you in locating, communicating and negotiating with your defined counterpart.
We will assist in enforcing unfulfilled agreements.
We will revive or enhance cooperation where it is required.
Elyon's present fields of activity:
Sophisticated systems of secure data transfers.
Methods of Gas handling, billing and monitoring for large fleet owners or gas companies.
Sophisticated systems H/W & S/W for the management, analysis and monitoring of large department stores.
S/W for management and control of industrial operations.
Computer Network management.
Sophisticated anti counterfeit methods.
Unique consumer products. 
Sophisticated developments for the toy industry.
Join us ! 

Elyon is constantly expanding the network of efficient business associates that will, each in her/his own geographical or professional realm, promote transactions of the nature described. 

If you are not located in Israel, believe you can contribute and wish to join efforts and benefits with Elyon in providing the same described services. 

Tell us about yourself, experience, geographical and professional realms of activity. 

How Elyon Hi-Tec works: 

Elyon will either approach or be approached by an Israeli company and offer to locate specified parties in countries that are not yet covered by the client's current distributorship. Elyon will either locate the defined party by itself or cooperate with a partner (of Elyon) in the country in which the search is taking place. 

Some examples: 

Holland  We have directly located Unisource for Encotone - sophisticated calling card\\
Taiwan Our partner there located a distributor for lithium batteries
Australia Our local partner there located the distributor for nursing pads
The UK We directly located the client for the sophisticated anti counterfeit system and used a partner to locate the client for the sophisticated secure data transfer
We make our money (between 3% and 10%) upon success. 


1.  We will provide you with the information on the different companies or products. 
2. If you are then interested, we will provide you with more detailed marketing information. 
3. Within a number of days, after receiving a list of the companies with whom you have spoken and/or intend to speak, we  will provide you with any backing letters you may need ( "You may present company XXX to..." ). 
4. We will back up any circumvention possibilities from the Israeli side. 
5. We will have the companies back you up with any additional information required by the located potential customer. 
6. A copy of the agreement between Elyon and the client. 
Just a few Ground Rules! 
 a.  All costs are bared by each side with no compensation other than the profits from a deal.
 b. This in mind, if the clients request defined logistics, the costs will be bared either directly by the clients or by us to be immediately paid back by the client regardless of  the success.
 c. Should we change places; i.e. Elyon is searching for something you defined the expectations would be the same but in reverse. 
How does it work? 

We would have a contract between us describing the non circumvention relationship between us. The split of success fees would basically 50/50 unless you involve more entities on your side. 
In this case your 50% will be split amongst the other entities. 

Some of the current products  

Product Description
A three year lifetime battery powered, credit card size card with a small but comfortable keyboard. The card is activated by a 4 digit PIN number and has it's own installed secret code. The card will input information as well. After the "send" button is pressed the card will send coded digital signals that can be picked over the phone. The Code can not be copied. The coded signal will contain the card's inner code and therefore reveal who is sending the message. It will also contain the inputted information. 
Used for TeleBanking, Telephone cards and basically any provider of services over the phone or other forms of digital communication. Extremely interesting for providers of such services who need to be sure of "who is on the other side of this line ?" 
Looking for clients and/or distributors able to sell, integrate and serve large entities. 
For your information each card is approximately US$ 35.00 
A two way infra red communication system, a powerful sales boosting tool, for supermarkets or other large department stores. The integrated system consists of a number of features which include: digital display price tags, electronic boards, scales, trolley tracers, attention catching lights, hand held electronic inventory checklist. All these are controlled by a PC integrated with the stores main computer and are constantly inputting data or receiving data to and from the PC. The system includes a variety of S/W for POS (point of sale) management and other requirements of such stores. 
Looking for a local distributors, installers and service providers of electronic hardware to the large department stores. Or directly selling to a client that would purchase at least 10,000 tags. 
For your information such a system of 10,000 tags with the integration would be approximately US$100,000.00
There are others as well, but let us hear if you are interested in the cooperation in general, in these hot products in specific and if you have your own endeavors on which you wish to cooperate. 

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