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Elyon Consulting 

Elyon Ltd., is an international management consulting firm with corporate headquarters in Ramat-Gan, Israel. 

Our Consulting Division, is one of the leading and most result orientated consulting firms in Israel whose name is associated with the highest standards of excellence and performance.

Formed in 1988 by a small group of engineers and consultants, we today have at our disposal more than 180 professionals with unmatched cumulative expertise and experience in the following disciplines:
Project Management 
Industrial and Management Engineering 
Civil Engineering 
Organizational Consulting
Systems Analysis and Design 
Computer Operating
Data entry

Since our inception, we have been providing management solutions and computerization services to all sectors of the Israeli economy and to overseas clients.

The areas in which we gained particular expertise include management consulting, strategic planning, organizational development and human resources, data processing, software and MIS, logistics, feasibility studies, construction engineering projects, data bases for GIS, professional staff support and computer aided design and graphics.

To accomplish all this we established a network of external specialists, in both academia and the industries linked to us by mutual strategic arrangements, giving us the capabilities of delivering the most sophisticated services to the complete satisfaction of even the most discriminating client.

We take pride in the fact that we exert much effort and expense to keep abreast of new developments in our fields of endeavor by constantly training and upgrading our permanent staff, exposing them in the process to the newest, most innovative technological developments both here and overseas, and by exchanging know-how with academic and research institutes in Israel and throughout the world.

As a result, our client's roster reads like the Who's Who in Israel's business community. We also serve some mayor national and local authorities and corporations in Europe, the C.I.S., the Middle East and Africa. 

 We also have three subsidiaries:

Elyon Textile Consultancy- Provides specialized services for the Textile & Apparel industries.
Elyoncon - Provides management services for construction/engineering projects.
Elyon Hi-Tech - Provides specialized services in the emerging Hi-Tech industries.


As a leading management consulting firm, we are perfectly deployed to take advantage of the significant international developments of the last few years, which completely changed the outlook of many people on the prospects of doing business in and around Israel.

Israel has always enjoyed a central geographic location and has benefits from attractive bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade agreements with the U.S. and with the EEC.  With the opening  of Eastern Europe, the CIS, China, India, Japan and other countries heretofore inaccessible to Israeli business, and with prospects for peace in the Region improving  - globalization of business has added another dimension to business activity here.

Naturally, we at Elyon are all set to go with our clients wherever their business takes them.

We can and are prepared to do much more:
Offer consulting and computer services to foreign companies planning to invest in Israel and the Middle East.
Provide similar services to companies and institutions overseas.
Cooperate on specific projects, both here and abroad, with firms possessing comparable or complementary skills and expertise.
Jointly offer consulting and management services to third countries.


Our approach is pragmatic and result-oriented. Upon receipt of the clients goals and in preliminary discussions with them and their staff, we attempt to pinpoint the specific problems and in the process define the scope of the assignment.

While always mindful of the need to minimize expenses - we cannot and will not compromise on quality.


We distinguish six specific functional areas in our practice and use our skills in any necessary combination to provide complete and comprehensive solutions to the client's requirements.

These areas are:

Planning of Work Processes.

Organizational Structure.

Statistics & Forecasts.

Remuneration scales & Incentive Pay Methods.

Formation Planning & Programming.

Operations Research.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

Quality Control.

ISO 9000.

Production Planning & Control.


Analysis of Information  & Computerization Requirements.

Adaptation of the Organization's Systems and procedures to the Computerized Operation.

Preparation of Master Plans for Computerization.

Development of R.F.P. Documents and Review of Vendors' Proposals.

Systems Analysis and Development of Applicable Software.

Training, Monitoring and Implementing Computerized Systems.

Systems & Data Modification  (Including Data enhancement and Data Entry).


Screening & Organizational Development.

Occupation Analysis  & Job Description.

Occupation   (Job) Grading.


Performance Evaluation.

Manpower Standards.

Planning Organizational Formation.


Planning & Implementation of Complex Logistics Projects.

Integration into Projects Administrations.

Planning of Logistics Formation and Storage Maintenance.

Cataloguing, Taking & Marking Inventory.

Systems Modification & Data Enhancing.

Taking Various Types of Surveys  -  Physical,  Demographic,  Engineering, Transportation and more.


Representing Foreign Investors.

Identifying Projects and Opportunities Suitable for Foreign Investments.

Preparation of the Business Profiles of the Project.

Support and Assistance in Managing Businesses and Plants in the early Stages of Formation/Organization.


Obtaining all Required Permits.

Budgetary Projections for Planning & Construction Costs for each Construction Site.

Selecting the Planning Team and Coordinating the Plans.

Preparing, Distributing and Examining the Required Bids and Selecting the Winners, Conducting Negotiations.

Monitoring Implementation.

Review and Approval of Contractors' Invoices.

Computerized Periodic Reporting of Progress.

Counseling the Principal in General & Specific Engineering Issues.


So that our client will receive a "made to measure" service for his specific needs, we have also set up a series of strategic alliances with companies and individuals in various countries so as to remove the language, legal, cultural and national barriers that may at times impede the smooth execution and realization of our endeavors. 

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